A goal of every Associate should be the 6 FIGURE RING!

Your 1st major step in achieving that goal, is reaching the prestigious position of Executive Director!  An Executive Director means you have built a Director leg (250 total counters) AND you have built a team that produces over 75 sales every month!  THIS IS THE TOP LEVEL!


These are your LEADERS!  This recognition is for those who have hit the Executive Director qualifications in the last 6 months.





Scott and Missy Hamontree:  100k RING EARNERS!

8 kids, upside down financially, and leaving a bankruptcy lawyers office, Scott and Missy decided to watch the DVD that a friend in Florida mailed them.  In February of 2007,  Scott, a custom home builder, and Missy, a home school mother of 8 kids, took action and joined PPL.  In just a few months they reached Executive Director, and now earn well over $10,000 EVERY MONTH!  They have earned as much as $18,000 in 1 month!  Their goal is to exceed $200,000 in 2008, and get their $250,000 RING by OKC - AND THEY WILL DO IT!  Scott and Missy earned their 6 Figure Ring in their 1st 12 months!!  They are Bronze Executive Director 300, which means they have a team producing over 300 sales a month!




Steven Hixon

Brought to Lafayette, Louisiana by way of Hurricane Katrina, the Hixons are well on their way to earning the 6 Figure Ring!  Recently they had their 1st $10,000 month!  Steven and Deborah were Pastors who lost 2 churches and a home during the 2005 Hurricane.  In 2006 they were introduced to PPL, and while living in a FEMA trailer, in just 3 short months - THEY REACHED EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR!  The Hixons thank God for the day they were given the DVD!  Congratulations guys!


Jody and Leslie Johnson

Jody Johnson's day job is a service manager at John Deer Tractor Supply.  He and his wonderful wife have 8 children, and home school all eight.  Mr. Johnson and Scott Hamontree's children are both a part of a homeschooler's football team.  Scott gave Jody a dvd on the business and the rest is history.  Mr. Johnson has not only hit Executive Director his 4 the month in the business, but he also gave a dvd to his doctor and is now Bronze Executive.  What a Story! He is a real hero, creating freedom for his family!!




Veronica Hixson

Ms. Hixon has been building her part-time business for about two years,  introduced to the business through her brother Mr. Stephen Hixon.  PPL has become a family affair with the Hixons.  She is committed to creating a legacy for her entire family. She has built her business as a single mother with two beautiful children, and she maintained a full time career as a Registered Nurse. Veronica is proof that consistent and persistent drive and activity will get you to the TOP!! SHE IS A POWERHOUSE!!!  CONGRATS ON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR!!


Dr. Blaine and Melissa Lavergne

Dr. Lavergne was given a dvd by one of his patients and friends, Jody Johnson, and in order to support him, he watched it.  Dr. Blaine saw the vision for time freedom and giving people the vehicle to live out their passion in life.  Because of his amazing heart to serve, he quickly built an executive director organization. Dr. Blaine is blazing a trail of success in PPL, he is committed to building a PLATINUM ORGANIZATION. We know he will be a part of changing lives!!!


Mark and Ardelle Sanders

Mr. Sanders has a background in the oil field.  He made over 6 figures with his day job, but the future was dim.  He had very little time freedom and no residual payoff at the end of the day.  PPL for Mark has been the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to his dreams.  Through persistent effort, he has reached the Executive Director level!!  This business is the payoff for his dreams!  Mark is committed to making 6 figures a year with his part time on the side business!  Now that's LEVERAGE!





Jeremy and Caroline Roma

The Romas joined PPL in 2003, and in 11 months, reached Executive Director.  In 2005 they reached Bronze ED, but in an unexpected turn of events, they lost their entire team after the 2005 Hurricanes.  Their business literally sank to nothing, nothing accept a dream.  In 2005, they decided to rebuild and never look back!  Starting from scratch, they went on a recruiting frenzy.  In 2006 they reached Platinum Executive Director, and were also the #8 Top Recruiters in all of PPL.  In 2007 they earned their 6 Figure Ring, a prestigious honor given to those who earn 6 Figures in a 12 month period.  Jeremy and Caroline have a HUGE GOAL to help 1000 families earn their 6 Figure Ring.  "1000 families earning 6 figures means 100,000 families earning incredible part-time money.  Earning thousands a month in your part-time business can change many peoples lives forever!"  The Romas are going to earn their $250,000 Ring in 2009.







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